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Open Daily 1 PM - 8 PM


Great Tea Brewed Right!

Think about a wine or scotch tasting but with the best and freshest tea leaves in the world - brewed to perfection. All in a relaxing traditional environment.

Come taste what you've been missing.



The Gong Fu Tea Experience

Join Tea Master Wayne or Tea Master Amy in one of our zen tea rooms for an educational and wholly enjoyable tea session. Experience the process, flavors and smells of whole leaf tea in a relaxing and intimate environment. There's nothing else like it in Georgia.  Book your session today.

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Great Tea Brewed Right.

Come try great tea brewed right. If you don't like tea, or need cream and sugar,

give us the chance to change your mind. Coffee drinker? Challenge Accepted! That's how confident we are. Find out what the rest of the world knows.

The Best Tea

...comes from fresh whole tea leaves.








The Gong Fu Tea Experience

6 cups of delicious, hydrating & healthy gourmet whole leaf tea in a relaxing environment. Experience the world of tea.

45 Minutes

We will spend about 15 minutes exploring the flavors and scents of each gourmet tea.

1-3 People

The experience is perfect for groups up to 3. Bring your friends who love tea!

3 Gourmet Teas

Choose from our curated selection of premium whole-leaf white, green, oolong, red/black and pu'er teas.

6 Cups of Each Tea

We brew each tea up to 7 times, producing 1-2 cups of great tasting tea per person. With 3 teas you can expect to have about 6 cups of delicious, hydrating & healthy tea. 

Did you know there are tea sommeliers?

Experts in brewing tea know how to bring out the delicious flavors and subtle taste notes that are a reflection of the region where the tea was grown. Tea tasting, just like wine, scotch or other fine beverages, is an adventure for the senses. You'll need good tea brewed right (nobody does wine tasting with box wine or bottom shelf scotch). Come see what the world of tea has to offer, and bask in our relaxing environment at America's largest tea table.



If you’ve ever searched for tea in Atlanta, you’ll see an endless list of bubble tea shops and cafés that serve cheap tea bags. However, 3 weeks ago I stumbled across this gem and did not believe it was real. I called the shop to schedule a tea tasting and Sifu Wayne, Kung Fu master and avid tea connoisseur, answered right away. As soon as I walked through the entrance, I thought I was in China. Wayne welcomed me like family, and I experienced the most delicious and immersive tasting with high quality loose leaf white, green, oolong, red, black and pu'er teas served in the traditional gong fu style over a majestic wooden tea table. I have completely replaced my old coffee need with far healthier teas, which each have unique effects on focus and relaxation. I’ve gone back every weekend since first visiting to introduce friends to this incredible place, and strongly encourage you to come experience it for yourself.



Best date place ever. Take my advice, bring your significant other here.



As traveling gong fu tea aficionados, we were thrilled to discover this hidden gem of a gong fu tea house in west Midtown. Credit goes to Sifu Wayne for creating this serene tea oasis.


The selection of teas was exceptional, and we enjoyed indulging in our own curated tea collection alongside our beloved tea pet.


The tea house's tranquil ambiance and cozy decor invited us to savor every moment. We left with gratitude, cherishing the memories.


This hidden tea haven in west Midtown is a must-visit for tea enthusiasts, a testament to Sifu Wayne's commitment to the art of gong fu tea and his dedication to providing an extraordinary tea experience.

Gong Fu Tea Without Caffeine?
We Got You Covered.

All tea comes from the Camellia Sinensis plant, which contains caffeine. As a guideline, the darker the tea, the more caffeine. The caffeine level ranges from 5% to 20% of what's in a standard coffee. But there's more to the story. Tea also is nature's only naturally occurring source of L-Theanine. L-Theanine not only helps calm you down but it also interacts with the caffeine so you get micro-doses of caffeine over a longer period. So unlike coffee, you don't get that all-at-once jolt but instead a gentle but obvious focus and clarity. 

If you absolutely must have no caffeine, then an herbal or floral infusion, instead of tea, will do. Even though we don't stock or sell infusions, we keep some on hand so you don't miss out on the gong fu tea experience!

Activities & Events

Mondays join us for ''CommuniTEA", a free tea tasting event from 6-7PM. 

Mondays from 7-9 join us as we host The Atlanta WeiQi Club (The Game of Go). It's Free. All levels welcome.

"Learn To Play Go" - a structured 10 session course starting on August 10.

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