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What Is Gong Fu (功夫 )?

Roughly translated, Gong Fu means "mastery" or in the context of tea, "sommelier". 


A pro athlete has gong fu. So does a professional artist. Anybody who's invested the time to master their craft is said to have gong fu. There is a gong fu of brewing tea and people with great tea gong fu are often called sommeliers. We work and practice to improve every day - just like any other professional.

Come join us to experience great tea done right.


Tea Leaves

We make all our tea from whole, fresh, tea leaves. This is how to get the best flavor and maximum health benefits. We invite you to come in and enjoy the flavors of the Orient. We guarantee you won't be disappointed.







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Our wood and jade tea tables are the largest in America, hand carved from natural wood and jade, these sculptures were made as a collaboration between feng shui, tea and wood carving masters. Our tables are truly a wonder that must be seen and experienced.

Book Your Experience Today

Book your tea experience or learn how to brew session today! Have a great time while entering the world of tea! See what you've been missing. 


Tea Master Wayne's Tea Story

I lived and trained kung fu in China, and fortunately in some of the most famous tea regions that exist anywhere - the sea of clouds above Huang Shan mountain and the rocky tea low lands in Yi Wu. During my adventures I visited many tea farms, enjoyed tea with famous tea masters and experienced some of the world's best teas. 

At the base of the world's most beautiful mountain is TunXi Ancient Street, where the famous Huang Shan Mao Feng tea, carried down the mountain by hand, is  brewed and shared in the gong fu tea method.

I've experienced this tea. It's incredible and I hope to share this and other famous teas with you.

Come experience the world's most famous whole leaf teas with me. Brewed right, our whole leaf teas are delicious, healthy and nurture a calm focus.



When living in Zhe Jiang province, there was a tea house on the street I walked for groceries every day.

The tea master was outside drinking tea each day and eventually we developed a friendship. Thus begun my deeper education into the world of tea.

Each day we would sample different teas, talk about tasting and region and age, examine the leaves, and learn about how to best brew each different type of leaf. Some of the teas came from generational farms whose bushes were over 500 years old.

It was really great to learn about the world of tea. I hope I can share some of it with you. 

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