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Want to Make More Money? Demonstrate This Skill.

There is one skill that will boost your salary. It will boost your businesses' incomes. It will improve your relationships. It will positively affect every aspect of your life.

This skill is not flashy, but like ving tsun kung fu, its subtlety is its power.

The skill is consistency.

Consistency means trustworthiness and that's something other people and other businesses look for - and are willing to pay for. When you can operate with consistency, doors will open up for you. When you practice consistently, your skills will grow and your sifu will like you more.

And it's free. You can show consistency by just doing simple things. Want to get paid more? Keep your word, consistently. Be on time, consistently. Believe it or not, just being on time consistently will increase your salary and opportunity. If you're asked to do something, you are being judged on the work but also you are demonstrating a pattern of consistency.

Now consistency is something that you can't show off to impress someone - like a medal or award. It takes time to build consistency, which is why it's so valuable.

People often say to me "wow, you made some improvement in the school" or "you did another video" or "a forth book!?!" or "You've written more articles for Wing Chun Illustrated magazine than any other person?". Why do I continue working and making improvements and producing? Sure improvement is great. But what people witness is CONSISTENT improvement. This gives people the trust that if they hire me for a job they have minimal risk. I can be trusted to produce and am reliable; and that's valuable to them.

Yes, consistency is hard. Think about any one of your goals - lose weight: you need consistency; become a ving tsun kung fu instructor: you need consistency; get the promotion at work: you need consistency again. Some people will joke that the only thing they practice consistently is inconsistency. While witty, this doesn't help your life - unless having above-average wit is one of your goals.

So I encourage you to try to improve your consistency. Pick some task (I suggest ving tsun kung fu practice).

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